Saturday, March 5, 2011

some history of the brand.

As most people dont know the reasons behind Burgundy, was to bring back a era in time where having a suit on or rather owning a pair of decent dress shoes was the norm, unlike todays culture of young kids. I often ask kids age 14-26 how many shoes they own and most have over 15 pair then my next question is how many of those are dress shoes? 1 out of 5 has a pair of dress shoes which always made me a bit upset being as a kid my parents made sure i had a few "dress shoes". My plan is not to change the youth into being in full business attire 24/7 but to be a bit more well rounded, when it came to dressing and going about how you carry yourself when you left your door.BUT at the end of the day ive designed Burgundy to bring shed light on a era in time which im in love with but with style and class of the youth today.

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