Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LaVell Wimberly of Burgundy.

Slated to release in the fall, Burgundy by LaVell Wimberly is an interesting take on fashion, transforming classic and understated fabrics into spectacular couture.
Through the strength of the recent sneak peaks, Burgundy is generating a buzz within its community. Only seeing a glimpse of what’s to come, the designs are crisp and expertly hand-crafted. Bright colors and extravagant patterns shine as they are laid upon elegant and beautiful fabrics.
Featuring your traditional menswear, ties, shirts, pants, but turns the tradition on it’s ear with LaVell Wimberly’s own style and flair injected into the very fabric; literally, of today’s fashion. The fall line will shatter your expectations and raise the bar.
With the anticipated release date on the horizon, we look forward to seeing what Burgandy and LaVell Wimberly. has to offer.

-Chris Rodriguez

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